Masterclass take place in the club and participants meet 10 minutes before the start at the bar of the magazine BARLIFE.

15:00 - 16:00

MC1  / Martinique Agricole Rhum Tasting

Now comes the time to discover the beauty and variety of agricole rhum from Martinique. You will learn about the production of agricultural rums, what are the standards for Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) certification, and taste the selection of five rums from the most famous distilleries on the island. If you want to penetrate the mysteries of agricole rhums, this masterclass is the place to be. Tickets.

17:00 - 18:00

MC2 / Hampden Trelawny Endemic Birds Tasting

Hampden Trelawny Endemic Birds Series, renowned collection of Jamaica rums, is the product of collaboration of Hampden distillery with italian legend Luca Gargano and his partners around the world. Every partner had picked one barrel, which was bottled and labeled with a picture of endemic bird species unique for the Trelawny region, where the distillery is situated. Those bottles were sold-out almost immediately, and now they are desired items of auctions. As a visitor of this Masterclass, you have the opportunity to taste five single casks from this precious collection. You will also learn the mysteries of production, and see the process through authentic shots taken inside the distillery. If you're a true fan of jamaica vibes, you can’t miss this one. SOLD OUT

19:00 - 20:00

MC3 / Blind Tasting

This masterclass is a great opportunity for rookies as well as rum connoisseurs to blind taste six samples of popular and rare labels. You can use your experiences and try to identify the samples. The best guesses will be awarded by the Rumfest partners. Therefore we don’t present the samples list. Discover your tasting abilities. SOLD OUT


These seminars take place in the main tent of the festival and are free for all participants.

13:00 - 13:45

Rum cocktails - workshop / Lukáš Dvořák

The owner of the La Casa de la Havana rum bar, Lukáš Dvořák, will lead a workshop where you will learn how to prepare three classic rum cocktails like a pro. Born in Bermuda - Dark ‘n Storm Stormy, one of the most popular Prohibition era drinks with Jamaican roots - Planter’s Punch and Painkiller the typical tiki cocktail. Come to Rumfest on time and try mixing with Lukáš right at the bar on stage!

14:00 - 14:30

Casa Brugal – 130 years of experience / Tomáš Kubíček

Brand ambassador Tomáš Kubíček will introduce the history and the present of the Caribbean rum house Brugal, whose recipes have passed for five generations. Another topic will be "Nearly Neats Cocktails" so-called almost pure cocktails, which are easy to prepare and highlight the basics of cocktail - in this case Ron Brugal 1888. The seminar also include a tasting of drinks from three guest bartenders - Tomas Meltzer, Charlie Lorenzi and Honza Urban .

15:00 - 15:30

Great Peruvian rums and gastronomy are conquering the world / Mario Navarro

Rum expert and collaborator with leading premium rum brands Mario Navarro will guide you through the development and history of great Peruvian rums and unique Peruvian gastronomy, which conquers the world's trendy restaurants and bars.

16:00 - 16:30

From Jamaica with love / Robert Polo, Honza Albrecht and Kryštof Hordina

Wild, bold and sophisticated rums - this is Jamaica. Renowned not only for its nature and culture, but also for its unique style of rum distillation. Appleton Estate Rum's Master Blender, Dr. Joy Spence is the personification of all things Jamaican. As the first woman in the world of spirits to have the title of Master Blender bestowed upon her, she has helped redfine the world of Jamaican rum with her amazing expressions for more than 40 years. This year we will taste Joy's latest creation: Appleton Estate Rum Black River Casks 15 Year Old. You'll have the chance to taste a delicious Worthy Park 109 Dirty Daiquiri, born in the fields of Lluidias Vale - mixed for you by the Warehouse # 1 team. To top things off we have a fresh, fragrant surprise for you, also from St. Catherine Parrish - a Prague Rumfest exclusive! Come taste Jamaican rums and you'll understand why they have really been trending in the world of rum over the last few years.

17:00 - 17:30

Inspired generations: Ron Abuelo / Viktor Gleich

Viktor Gleich, Stock's rum ambassador, introduces you to the craftsmanship of each bottle of Panamanian rum, Ron Abuelo, which is produced in Hacienda San Isidro's unique terroir, placed in Pesé, a small fertile valley in the Azuero Peninsula and introduces history associated with Don José Varela Blanco.

18:00 - 18:30

Bacardí / Tomáš Kučera

Let's recall what is behind the success of Bacardi rums, which have held second place in worldwide sales for years. Let's look back at the history of the Bacardi brand and family. We will review important milestones in mixology that are associated with these rums and talk about bottles that may have wrongly missed your Attention. And, of course, we will taste selected rums of Bacardi portfolio. Seminar in hands of Bacardi Ambassador Tomáš Kučera, who is always a guarantee of a great presentation and fun concept of the seminar.

19:00 - 19:30

Distillery Antigua & English Harbor Rum:
The History, The Heritage and Present of Elegant, Fine Caribbean Rum / Jonathan Almonte Felix

Come with us on a 250-year-old trip to discover the importance of Antigua in the British Royal Navy, how British Harbour became the centre of operations and the headquarters of the entire fleet. How the rum market, the brokers, the merchants marked the story of Antigua becoming one of the most important players in the World Rum and how do we live by and respect this legacy. 

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