During the event, you can taste unique rums and participate in guided tastings, competitions, seminars and workshops with leading bartenders and experts. You can also listen to Latino American music and taste the exquisite Caribbean cuisine. Follow us social media - keep up to date with all the news!


Masterclass program

Masterclass of RumFest 2020 will be led by Vít Šafář from Hedonism Spirit. Buy your tickets here.

Blind Tasting – 15:00 až 16:00

Experience a blind date with rum!

Both newbies and experienced connoisseurs get an excellent opportunity to taste five rums of various prominence. Due to secret identities of the samples, you will approach each of them without any preconceptions, and your mind will accept new smells and tastes even when you wouldn’t have expected them.
Just like a blind date, it may result in a pleasant surprise, discovery of a brand-new sensation or something more than familiar to you. Without doubts, you will surely enjoy the degustation – and, who knows, maybe you’ll find the love of your life.

Jamaica Tasting – 17:00 až 18:00

Genuine Jamaican funk

Expect a walkthrough of legendary Jamaican distilleries of Appleton Estate, Worthy Park, Long Pond, and Hampden Estate, including a story of our trip to these distilleries in March this year.
This is an extraordinary opportunity to taste extremely limited samples with the bonus of the original Hampden Estate Rum Fire. Since Jamaican rums are famous for their substantial amounts of alcohol as well as esters, get ready for some extraordinary experience!

Black Tot Tasting – 19:00 až 20:00

In 2020, we celebrate exactly 50 years since the so-called Black Tot Day.

On the 31st of July 1970, the 300-year-long tradition of regular daily rations of rum for British sailors was officially abolished.
To commemorate the day, we’ll taste Black Tot Last Consignment, rum made out of the last supply of the Royal Navy. It had been stored in earthenware containers for 40 years – since the Black Tot Day, when the sailors’ toast “Up spirits!” was uttered for the last time, until 2010, when the supplies were finally bottled.
The Black Tot Last Consignment rum has entered history, as is reflected in its price – one bottle costs almost 1,000 dollars.

Further programme

Equiano: Rum, který spojuje světy (Ultra Premium Brands)
Ian Burrell

Let the world-renowned rum ambassador Ian Burrell officially introduce you to Equiano in the Czech Republic. He co-developed this authentic rum with Richard Seale, a well-known rum expert. Equiano is the first rum resulting from the cooperation of two distilleries from different continents – Gray’s Distillery based in the African island of Mauritius and Foursquare Distillery from Barbados, Caribbean. Ian Burrell will tell you a captivating story of culture and technology mixing, as well as get you acquainted with the extraordinary taste of this first-rate rum.

Brugal 1888! A closer look at rum in its perfect form (Coca-Cola HBC)
Tomáš Kubíček

In the seminar, Tomáš Kubíček, Brugal Ambassador, will share the story of rum called Brugal 1888, and his service of rum on an ice bowl made of coconut water. The master of rum production, Fernando “Nano” José Ortega Brugal, prefers this service due to the amazing pairing of coconut water and wood flavour of Brugal 1888. The rum then gets sweeter and milder, which makes it a perfect albeit untraditional aperitif before dinner. Afterwards, Tomáš Kubíček will serve his twist on the popular cocktail Negroni, and introduce a worldwide project of original Nearly Neat cocktails which is realised in the Czech Republic by his Prague colleagues of top bars, Jan Šebek (L’Fleur) and Peter Bobula (Black Angel’s). You’ll be able to see both of them during Rumfest behind the bar-counter of Brugal 1888.

Značka The Rum Factory a double ageing (Palírna U Zeleného stromu)
Michael Mattersberger

The Rum Factory, independent bottling plant, aims to gain the very best rums for the customers. Each bottle contains individuality and creativity. Thanks to our cooperation with Albert Michler Distillery, we have the opportunity to let our unique blends age in specific barrels after Cognac and Oloroso sherry. The Distillery Collection set includes the best selection of Panama rums, mixed for us by Don Pancho. Two rums from Double Cask Collection are specific due to their ageing in selected barrels in the Czech Republic. The lecture will reveal the history of The Rum Factory, the brand’s particular products, and the production process, concentrating especially on double ageing. We’ll explain what it means, how it can be used and how it benefits the final product.

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