During the event, you can taste unique rums for amazing prices and participate in guided tastings, competitions, seminars and workshops with leading bartenders and experts. You can also listen to Latino American music and taste the exquisite Caribbean cuisine.

13:30 - 14:00 Toucan is not just a colorful bird / Cat Arnold / ENG
Toucan Rum Production from fresh sugar cane juice has more than a hundred-year tradition of Saint Maurice Rum Distillery, located near the Equator in French Guiana. It is this tropical country that has unique natural conditions for growing the highest quality cane. The great Maroni River, which gives a particularly nutrient-rich land to the cultivation site, is also unique. These charismatic and unique rums are presented directly by the owner of the Toucan Cat Arnold.

14:15 - 14:45 Ti Rhum Arranges /  Laura Inguenaud / ENG
See the very first official presentation of Ti Rhum Arranges in the Czech Republic. 'Arranged Rums' are rum-based liqueurs with exotic fruits. You can taste white rums from Martinique and Guadeloupe with macerated pineapple or lemon from Réunion, ginger from Peru or passion fruit from Vietnam. All production from harvest to processing and bottling is done manually, the products are not artificially colored or flavored. At Rumfest, you will have the opportunity to taste the six most popular flavors, and the brand ambassador Laura Inguenaud will present this brand during her seminar. The seminar will be in English with Czech translation.

15:00 - 16:00 High Five - Flor de Caña Mixtronomy Competition / Barmanská soutěž
High Five - Flor de Caña Mixtronomy Competition calls for the use of the mixtronomy concept, the idea of combining small dishes with cocktails. Finalists Tomáš Nejedlý, Ondřej Číhal, Robert Dobrý and Jaroslav Štrunc must prepare two portions of their cocktail during six minutes. Their recipe will be inspired by Nicaragua, and a paired with dish in which the contestants will capture the history and typical local tastes celebrating 30 years since the Velvet Revolution. The jury will include: global ambassador Flor de Caña Raúl Zeledón, chef Jan Punčochář and editor-in-chief of Barlife Soňa Hanušová.

16:30 - 17:00 Bílý nebo tmavý rum? Vždy vám nabídne zajímavý zážitek! / Mario Navarro
Rum expert Mario Navarro will guide you through the world of dark and white rums. He points out the different rum cultures, explains what is important for quality aging rum and what you should focus on when choosing it. In addition to the dark rum category, the increasing demand for white rums will also affect the argument that white rum can surprise you with its complexity.

17:15 - 17:45 Pampero - The Story of Venezuelan Rum / Jakub Herynek, Martin Reichert
Pampero was founded in 1938 by two friends, Alejandro Hernandez and Luis Toro, with no knowledge and experience in rum production. But it did not stop them. They insisted on maturing their rum in barrels, what wasn't common. Also they experimented with the temperature and humidity of the warehouses until they reached the  ideal rum smoothness and balance. How do Venezuelan rums come, what are their specifics and what shape their characteristic qualities? Who is llanero and how to experience Pampero ritual. Jakub Herynek and Martin Reichert will talk about this and much more.

18:00 - 18:30 Barlife Akademie - Do you want to be a rumillionaire? / Tomáš Kučera
The bartenders have already performed, now it's your turn! Selected visitors will have to prove that they are true connoisseurs and lovers of rum and that they are not afraid of any challenges! Tomáš Kučera, a Barlife Academy lecturer, make for you some fun and interactive tasks in which you will demonstrate not only your courage but also your knowledge of rum. And what you do not know, you will learn from Tomáš. The winning team, who will become a romanian, can look forward to a liquid reward and a rum course voucher for the Barlife Academy. In short, neither losers nor onlookers will come.

18:45 - 19:15 Rum Brugal / Pavol Kažimir
Don Andres Brugal Montaner moved to the Dominican Republic with one idea: to improve the art of rum production. Thus, in 1888, Brugal was born. Almost 130 years later, this rum is still produced by the Brugal family. Only family members can become Maestro Ronero. Currently, this tradition is held by Jassil and Gustavo, the fifth generation of the family. Pavol Kažimir, a Slovak native who is now a global brand ambassador, will introduce the family and the brand to you.

19:30 - 20:00 Depaz, rum vzkříšený z popela / Benoit Bail / ENG
Since 1651, agricole rums have been produced in the Depaz distillery. In 1902, the distillery was destroyed by the huge volcano Mt. Pelée. Seven years later, Victor Depaz, who was the only survivor of the family of owners, re-established it. The unique combination of tropical climate, crystal clear mountain water and fertile volcanic soils gives Depaz rums first-class quality and unmistakable character. You walk through the tasting with Benoit Bail, Depaz Brand Ambassador.