The Ginfest offers exclusive multisensory experience. You may look forward to seminars and workshops with leading bartenders and experts.

Programme 2020 TBA


14:00 – 14:30 Premier Wines & Spirits – Gin Mare / Carlos Morante (ENG)
Gin Mare from the Mediterranean area is made in an exquisite place out of typical Mediterranean ingredients. Except for production and brand uniqueness, you’ll hear about the reason why a high-quality tonic is needed to prepare a superb Gin & Tonic. With the two ingredients in perfect harmony, a wonderful taste of this world-popular drink is achieved.

15:00 – 15:30 STOCK – Larios 12: The Spanish Gin IN-FUSION / Vladimír Čech (The Banker´s Bar) (CZ)
A Coppa glass for serving Gin & Tonic has already found its way to many bars and restaurants in the Czech Republic. Let’s get acquainted with the story of the oldest and the bestselling brand in Spain which had co-defined the trends of the Mediterranean gin category. Why does the way of serving influence the taste so much? How can you conjure up gin infused with Darjeeling tea in an aeropress? Let Vladimír Čech inspire you to make your own untraditional G&T!

16:00 – 16:30 St. Nicolaus: Gin in Various Cultures / Boris Ivan (Gonzáles Byass International Spirits Ambassador) (CZ)
Today’s producers of gin come from all over the globe. The juniper-based drinks are made in many countries. As a guide, Boris Ivan will take you for a world tour and explain the role of gin in different cultures. Apart from that, two legendary London gins will be introduced: The London No.1 represents the best of British tradition of gin production while the MOM gin spices up the tradition with a sprinkle of typical English avant-garde. Should we turn our attention back to good old England? Come and find out!

17:00 – 17:30 Rémy Cointreau – Botanist: Creativity in the Wilds / Marek Štochl (AnonymouS Bar) (CZ)
Around almost every corner, there is a forager. Foraging will be described by Marek Štochl, lead bartender of the AnonymouS bar and ambassador of The Botanist, a gin out of 22 hand-collected herbs and flowers from the Scottish island of Islay.
Do you wish to see the natural world from a different point of view? Do you wish to reveal new tastes and smells and gain fresh inspiration for your creative drinks? Marek will show you how to use edible flowers to make your Gin&Tonic special and how to reflect the unusual taste of meadow flowers in classy drinks. After all, there’s no reason to let shopping centres limit you when the natural world is full of new tastes!   

18:00 – 18:30 Global Spirits – Bombay Sapphire: Stir Creativity Master-class / Andrey Bolshakov (City Space) (ENG)
Stir Creativity is a global campaign of Bombay Sapphire aiming to put together creative people from all around the world. They support self-expression and inspire to new ways of perception of the creative process. During the master-class, the global ambassador of the Bombay Sapphire gin will lead you through extraordinary history of this world-known brand and will explain its innovative technology and philosophy. You’ll find out what makes the gin so special and how it could inspire so many personalities of various professions.

19:00 – 19:30 Jan Becher Pernod Ricard – Plymouth gin /Jakub Bobček (Refectory bar - Plymouth Distillery)
At a special place on the southwest coast of the UK, a unique gin is produced. It reflects the natural landscape of the area. The secret of the bottle, backed with a grand story, is guarded by a monk. Seven typical herbs complement the soft Dartmoor water. Come and meet the Plymouth Distillery and a person who spent several years in it as a member of the bartending staff. Get acquainted with the Plymouth gin which participated in creation of many classic cocktails and modern twists.