26th June 2021

1 - 9 PM, Máj 4. patro, Národní 63/26, Praha

Ginfest by Barlife

Dozens and dozens of gin makers in one room, sharing their love for the spirit and serving up samples and stories for all to enjoy. The fifth year will be held on 26th June in event space Máj 4. patro on Národní třída, Prague. There will also be traditional seminars and workshops.

Event programme

Ginfest is a unique experience for all your senses. You can enjoy seminars and workshops from best bartenders and gin experts.


Event space Máj 4. patro

Advance ticket booking 

Tickets can be bought via the our shop, the price is 350 CZK. On the day of Ginfest, tickets can be bought at the booking office for 400 CZK.