When does the event take place?

On 26 June 2021 at event space Máj 4. patro - Národní třída 63/26, Prague 2. Further information on the seminars schedule can be found in the Programme section.

Who is the Ginfest organizer?

Ginfest is organized by BARLIFE, a specialist magazine about beverages. Its first issue was published in 2004. According to the IWSR, a British analytics company, Barlife is “the best magazine about beverage industry in central Europe.”

Where can I buy a ticket?

Tickets for the Ginfest can be bought via advance booking or on the day of the event. 

What if I am less than 18?

You can only visit Ginfest if you are 18 or older.

What about tastings?

You can taste gin at each bar. Every tasting is paid right at the bar, mostly in cash.

How can I visit a seminar?

Each seminar is freely accessible unless stated otherwise. A paid seminar can only be accessed if you buy a stand-alone ticket.

Where can I buy a specific gin?

A bottle of a gin which you have chosen can be bought at a bar of the exhibitor.