26th June 2021  

Time: 1 - 9 pm

Event space Máj 4. patro, Národní 63/26, Praha 

Corner entrance  Spálená and Národní streets. 4th floor by elevators.

The Fifth Celebration Dedicated to Gin and Genever

Gin rules! Most cocktail fans love gin. Their reason is usually simple: You can combine it easily with almost any drink ingredient. Do you fancy citruses, herbs, bitters or perhaps aromatic wine? Gin goes together with almost anything! The current trend of the return to bartending roots and classic cocktails is a blessing for gin. The mixology scene experiences a massive boom of juniper. An opportunity to taste various types of gin at a single location and to fully grasp the whole exciting category – what could be better?


The Ginfest is organized by BARLIFE, an exceptional specialized magazine focused on beverage gastronomy and mixology published since 2004.


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